They might just be the most precious prom dates ever.
Connor Campbell, a junior at Pinewood Prep in Summerville, South Carolina, took his 93-year-old grandma, Betty Jane Keene, to his school dance.
“It was wonderful. It was really great,” Keene told ABC News of her fabulous evening at Middleton Place Plantation on April 1. “He had told all his friends. Every boy and girl. It was about 100 children at that dance and it was so lovely and they all came up and shook my hand and then I got Connor to dance with me. He’s not a dancer, but I am.”
Connor was insistent all year that his grandma would be his prom date.
“Connor had asked her last year to go with him this year,” his mom, Jacqueline Campbell, recalled. “He promised her a year ago. He said, ‘April 2017 I’ll take you.’ …