Sao Paulo - 10jul15 - Alvaro eAna Paula possuem ambos deficiencia visual. Sao os pais de Davi Lucas. Durante a gestacao e para que os pais pudessem saber como era o bebe, o Dr. Heron Werner Junior fez a ultrassonografia em 3D e imprimiu modelos tridimensionais de modo que os pais pudessem tocá-lo.

With the help of this doctor and ultrasound technology, this visually impaired family was able to ‘meet’ their son before he was born.
Without the gift of sight, pregnancy can be a very different experience. Ana Paula Silveira and her husband, Alvaro Zermiani, are both visually impaired, and thought they would have to guess what their baby would look like. However, with GE Healthcare’s ultrasound technology and 3D printing, they got the opportunity not only to monitor they baby’s development and screen for any potential problems, but also to meet their son, Davi Lucas, before he was born.
Dr. Heron Werner, a Brazilian obstetrician and gynecologist, is the man behind the idea. In addition to supporting Ana in her antenatal routine to provide a more accurate diagnosis of the fetus with ultrasound, he also helped this mother-to-be to ‘see’ her baby using a 3D printed ultrasound image she could touch and feel. …