According to a police statement, the men were attacked by a group of young people armed with bolt cutters. Two suspects were taken into custody and four others later reported to the police station in connection with the attack.
Vernes-Sewratan’s Facebook post about the incident, which he describes as a hate crime, has been shared more than 7,500 times and he has received thousands of supportive comments.
Politicians, sportsmen, actors, policemen and businessmen have all responded to the call.
Since then, workers at the Dutch Embassies in London and Canberra and at the United Nations in New York have joined the campaign.
…while footballers from a club in the city of Nijmegen, just south of Arnhem, shared this image. “NEC turns its back on anti-gay violence,” the post says.
Rotterdam’s police also got involved, as did two religious leaders, David van Veen and Erick Versloot, in Waarder, south of Amsterdam.
The hashtag is still gaining …