Everybody has the power to make someone else happy!!!
But a 17-year-old girl, Sabrina Astle, find a unique way to spread happiness. Where other girls find bathroom a place for awfully self- criticism. Astle at Laguna Hills High school in Southern California make the place pleasant.
She hung 30 colorful signs on the stall and above the sinks in place of mirrors with affirmations like “You are smart”, “You are loved”, and ” You are beautiful”
Sharing her happiness a junior girl told
“It just reminds everyone that they are important and special in their own way and that they shouldn’t feel like they are less than anyone because of what they see as a flaw.”
This unique idea went viral when a woman, Shannen Mckinney Lob, happened to use the school’s bathroom and wowed by the affirmations. She clicks the pictures and quickly posted it on the famous Facebook group Pantsuit Nation.