This photo of Anja Ringgren Loven and Hope shows that “it’s not important to see what man can do with hate. It’s all about seeing what you can do with love.”
On 30th of January 2016, Anja Ringgren Loven, Danish national, was with her Husband in Nigeria on a mission. The mission was to rescue kids abandoned by their parents after being accused of being a Witch.
Anja is co-founder of organization named ACAEDF (African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation). She found this little boy, who she named “Hope”, in a small village where he was left for dead by his parents. He was nothing more than flesh and bones at that time. Every year many children are tortured and even killed by their own parents once they believe the kid is a witch.
Anja rescued the kid and shared his story on Facebook that went viral. She was trying to raise …