For one year Greta Taubert gave up everything as part of an experiment to live life without money. The German freelance journalist renounced consumer society to survive on little more than what she could produce, make, recycle or barter for herself. She has written a book about the experience – “Apokalypse Jetzt!” — German for “Apocalypse Now”.
“My generation never had to deal with anything existential. We don’t know how to barter, to repair, to grow, to harvest, to heat, to be self-sufficient. All we know is how to go the supermarket and the shopping mall. This keeps us very dependent on the fact, that everything stays as it is. That we consume, consume, consume. Because that’s the base of our system. But we just can’t go on with this hyperconsumerism: Our hunger for new goods grows, but resources are limited. We will be confronted with a …