Using canoes, a tow strap and some soothing conversation, a team of rescuers pulled a 650-pound moose out of Hungry Jack Lake in far northeastern Minnesota Monday morning.
Several neighbors, local volunteer firefighters and business owners along the Gunflint Shore were among the first responders.
Wearing life jackets, carrying ice picks, and pulling canoes behind them, they carefully approached the moose across the ice and looped the tow strap around its neck.
By the time rescuers got out to help, the yearling female moose calf had been in the water quite a while and was exhausted, said David Seaton, owner of Hungry Jack Outfitters. It wasn’t struggling, kicking or thrashing anymore, he said.
“We lifted the moose up enough that we could get its front hooves on to the ice, and then we started pulling horizontally and sideways and finagling it around and finally got it up on to the ice,” …