The last time Jeff Holden saw his tiny Yorkshire terrier Dobby was very early last Wednesday morning. As dawn broke a few hours later, Dobby was gone.
“I went into full panic mode,” Holden said. “I thought he had slipped out of my friend’s doggy door and gotten lost because he’s new here.”
Holden has just returned to Spokane Valley after helping his mom recover from cardiac surgery in Arizona.
After his dog disappeared, he printed and posted 70 flyers around his Spokane Valley neighborhood, knocked on doors and took out a photo ad in The Spokesman-Review. He called SCRAPS and posted in lost-and-found groups on Facebook and Craigslist.
“He’s micro-chipped and I called the chip company – I did everything,” Holden said.
Dobby, named for the “Harry Potter” house elf because of his floppy ears and some resemblance, is a micro or teacup Yorkie, so he’s not the kind of dog …