THESE two childhood sweethearts who went to prom together have rekindled their love and tied the knot after spending 64 years apart.
Joyce Kevorkian, and Jim Bowman, both 81, first met in high school and started dating aged just 17.
After graduating in 1953, they went their separate ways and started families of their own.
But last year, after spending six years widowed, Joyce received a letter from Jim and she responded asking to reconnect with him.
In December after “endless phone conversations”, the two decided to meet up and Jim drove five hours to her house where they went on their first date since the 1950s.
After rekindling their love and friendship for each, Jim asked Joyce to marry him and the pair tied the knot on April 1 because they said it was a “good date for old fools in love”.
Joyce, from Indiana, USA, said: “We were in the same friendship group at school …