A wildflower super bloom is underway in Southern California after nearly 10 inches of much-needed winter rain. For four years, the state has struggled with a serious drought that drained reservoirs and prompted water bans. But this year’s El Niño-like winter brought the rain and the wildflowers are taking a giant gulp.
The year-over-year change is so remarkable you can see it on satellite imagery. The photo above is what California looks like on the ground. Now here’s what it looks like from space.
The California poppy is native to California and Mexico. It’s actually considered a weed by some people, because they can be overwhelming in good (read: rainy) weather. It’s small and it grows fairly close to the ground. Its stems grow to about 12 inches and the flower itself is no more than 2 to 3 inches across when it’s fully open.
It’s a particularly fun flower to watch throughout the day because …