62-year-old Pratima Devi, a rag picker who runs a small tea stand, cares after over 400 street dogs she has adopted, rescuing them from abuse, starvation, abandonment, and a cruel fate when left to themselves on the streets of New Delhi.
“Some people grab the stray dogs by their hind legs and spin them around, laughing as the dogs cry in fear,” she says, while petting one of the newest puppies added to the fold.
“But how do you look into a new dog’s eyes and not think that this is a long lost friend? An old friend who has been waiting for you all this time, but you never knew it.”
There are an estimated 400,000 stray dogs in New Delhi. Some New Delhi residents have demanded drastic measures be taken to prevent dog bites. But Devi believes each and every one of them deserves a proper home.
“To treat a dog inhumanely …