Akiko DuPont, 30, is a freelance photographer from Tokyo. She’s spent years photographing her grandpa, Jiji.
Jiji is 94 years old. He fought in World War 2 and trained to become a Kamikaze fighter, but just as he was about to fly, the war ended and he came home.
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He went on to work in an office for 64 years.
But in 2009, he fell sick and was hospitalised. Jiji began to lose his interest in life. He became stubborn, grumpy, and unhappy.
Akiko desperately wanted to help.
‘My grandfather is a very interesting person, and we all love him, very very much,’ Akiko tells metro.co.uk.
‘In a way, he was always stubborn and a bit grumpy (an extremely traditional Japanese man), but he is a generous, wise, giving, sincere, full of love, kind, very patient, serious, bright and charming, …