For most first-time runners training for the Boston Marathon, 21 miles in five-degree weather is hell. But for Danny Dwyer, a man who’s already been to hell and back, it “isn’t so bad.”
The Dorchester native has battled drug addiction since the age of 8. At the peak of his sobriety, he graduated from the Boston Police Academy at the top of his class. At rock bottom, he was fired from the department and found himself alone, cold, and high under a North End bridge, where he lived for the next four years.
Now more than a decade later, Dwyer is sober and has rededicated his life to his two sons, and to helping others who struggle with similar substance abuse. This Monday, the 50-year-old will honor that newfound mission by running the Boston Marathon to benefit the Lazarus House, a homeless shelter in Lawrence. With each step, Dwyer said he will carry …