In bunny ears, with painted faces, holding baskets, they watched.
First as a black helicopter flew into view against a big blue sky, and then as tens of thousands of multi-coloured plastic eggs dropped from the heavens. 
“Wow,” gasped a little girl wearing a heart polka-dot sweater at the front of the line, where she had earlier proudly proclaimed, “I’m the first one!”
In moments, she was gone, running toward the eggs, ready to hunt.
#WeheartOttawa, a not-for-profit group launched in 2008, organized what was arguably the coolest Easter egg hunt the city’s ever seen on Saturday, dropping some 45,000 eggs filled with more than 100,000 pieces of chocolate over the grounds of the aviation museum for thousands of kids chanting, “Drop the eggs.”
“T-Bunny,” a.k.a. Teti Kabetu, wearing a pink bunny suit and black Nikes, entertained the masses. 
Kids sat on the grass, opening the eggs and eating their spoils, as Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae …