SOUTHAMPTON, New Jersey (CNN)The brown-eyed beagle rests his head on the edge of his bed, his eyes peering out as volunteers walk by and stop to pet him. He’s known as “Much Loved Bob,” and volunteers say he doesn’t have much time left.
He’s one of about 27 dogs roaming Michele and Jeff Allen’s living room. All of the dogs are near the end of their lives, but the home is not filled with sadness. It’s a peaceful home, sitting on six acres about an hour away from New York City.
Dogs sit on any piece of furniture they choose, and half of the house is designated “dog quarters,” with toddler beds — designed for young children but perfect for slow-moving dogs — arranged around an electrically heated fireplace.
It’s a home filled with smiling volunteers who cuddle with their favorite dogs on sofas, or run with them around a …