Random acts of kindness and love surprise us throughout our college experience, such as a compliment from a stranger, care packages from friends and family or the odd letter from grandparents. Now there is one more act to add to the list. One of the new joys that has graced campus is the appearance of positive cards in students’ mailboxes, all thanks to the wonderful Kira Perzel Mandell ’18.
The idea of positivity cards struck Perzel Mandell her freshman year but in a different format. She initially started by making small business cards and handing them out, but that process made distribution difficult. After participating in the 24 Hour Play Festival, Perzel Mandell developed a new system.
“If you act or participate in it, the theatre secret society sends you a little note on an index card to your mailbox. I was like, ‘What? This is the coolest thing,’” Perzel Mandell said.
A …