This is the latest in my series of posts spotlighting underrepresented communities around the world and the entrepreneurs trying to help them. In this installment, I talk to the CEO of Medolac, which helps preterm babies get the breast milk they need, as well as avoid a life-threatening illness.
Premature babies all over the world are dying from a terrible disease, but the National Institutes of Health says a diet of exclusively human breast milk can help stop it. I spoke with one entrepreneur who is working to make that milk supply more available.
Elena Medo, Chairman and CEO of Medolac Laboratories, says research shows there isn’t enough safe, human breast milk to go around, and she wants to make it a viable option for hospitals everywhere. The NIH cites studies that back this up – saying there’s a “limited supply” of breast milk where it’s needed most – in Neonatal Intensive Care …