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American Academy of Pediatrics Joins Other Medical Groups to Call for a Ban on Non-Medical Vaccination Exemptions
To some parents, getting their child vaccinated may seem like common sense. Measles have been basically eliminated from the western world because of it and other, once common, childhood diseases now only spring up in a handful of cases each year.
The anti-vaccination movement and non-medical immunization exemptions were typically not an issue for decades. Herd immunity virtually guaranteed that even if one child in a school of 500 was not immunized for whatever reason, they wouldn’t catch one of the ~dozen illnesses that are easily preventable.
Changing attitudes towards vaccines in the last decade has poked a hole in the herd immunity defense humans have enjoyed since the 1950s. Now, even with a 1-2% non-vaccination rate, diseases that were all but eliminated years ago have a viable pathway to a resurgence. Worse yet, parents not …