Charles Kingsley had finished his overnight shift as a security officer and was driving home on a recent weekday when he passed a police car heading in the opposite direction. The squad did a fast U-turn, came up behind him, flashed the lights and pulled Kingsley over on Brookdale Drive just a few blocks from his Brooklyn Park home.
Kingsley’s mind raced as he tried to figure out what he’d done wrong.
“I thought, I have my driver’s license and it’s current,” he remembers. “I have insurance. What am I missing?”
Turns out, one of his headlights was out.
Instead of a ticket, however, the officer gave him a voucher to get the problem fixed for free.
Similar scenes are playing out across the metro area as police in 16 communities are participating in the Lights On program administered by MicroGrants, a foundation that has as one of its missions helping low-income drivers keep their …