Living Stronger is a “CBS Evening News” series celebrating the people leading the way to longevity — and inspiring the rest of us.  
THE BRONX, N.Y. — If it’s Saturday night at Pasquale’s Rigoletto, it’s Joe Binder with the mic.
“That is what keeps me going, when I make people laugh,” Joe said.
He’s been entertaining people most of his time on this Earth, but on this day, it’s everyone else’s turn to sing. Joe just turned 107.
“Did you ever think you would reach 107?” asked CBS News correspondent Don Dahler.
“I never thought about it. I never gave it any thought really, I just kept riding along,” he said.
The Navy veteran was born and raised in Brooklyn, but moved to the Bronx in 1946.
He’s been a fixture on Arthur Avenue for as long as anyone can remember, doing various jobs. He finally retired from managing the parking lot at Mario’s Restaurant at …