A Spanish diver who survived 60 hours in an underground air pocket has described how he began to hallucinate as his compressed air tank ran out.
Xisco Gracia became trapped in a cave in Mallorca on Saturday after his air tank malfunctioned.
His diving partner was forced to leave him behind to go in search of help.
But it took more than two days to reach the experienced speleologist and geographer, who was left sitting in the dark alone.
“I lost track of time. I thought it had been five days, too long, so I thought [my friend] could not get out and could not find me,” Mr Gracia told Diario de Mallorca [in Spanish].
He added: “After so long breathing an air so charged with carbon dioxide, I sometimes saw some things, like lights or bubbles, and I thought [someone] had come to rescue me – but when they did not arrive, I was …