DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — One family was counting their blessings after a stranger helped rescue their baby from flood waters on Easter Sunday.
Coleman and Abby Flynn were headed back to Nashville after spending Easter weekend with their family. But before they got very far, it started pouring rain.
“There were a lot of puddles that we had to drive through.” Coleman Flynn said.
But on the next puddle along Rapid Run Road, the car stalled out.
“I tried to start it multiple times, start it back up, and it wouldn’t start,” Coleman said.
He opened the car door, and water came rushing in.
“That’s when we realized there was a problem,” Coleman said.
Their 5-week-old baby was in the backseat.
“I literally was like, ‘I don’t really care what happens to use, we just have to get the baby out of the car,'” Abby Flynn said.
Then she noticed a woman, a complete stranger who wanted to help. …