Ivan Castro, a U.S. veteran, and Karl Hinett, a U.K. veteran, have vowed to run back-to-back marathons together in an effort to raise money and awareness for combat veterans dealing with mental health issues such as PTSD.
Both men were severely wounded in Iraq. Castro was injured in 2006 on a rooftop when he lost members of his team — and his eyesight — to a mortar round that almost took his life as well. Hinett was badly burned after a firebomb hit his tank. He would go on to endure 50 surgeries for the injuries he sustained in that attack.
There is a famous photograph featuring Karl Hinett engulfed in flames as he bails out of his burning tank. I think I stared at that picture for a solid 10 minutes as I contemplated these two warriors and the amount of courage they’ve shown throughout their respective recoveries. Even after facing …