A video recently uploaded to YouTube depicts two random passengers jumping to a white male’s defense in a Singapore subway — so it’s easy to see why it has gone viral. The white male passenger who was with a female friend were being assaulted by a rider who appears to be a gay man when two other riders stood up for the victims.
At first, we hear a rude hysterical passenger asking a white male rider to make love to him, never mind the lady riding with the victim suggesting he go to a hospital instead. “I want you to *expletive* me tonight?,” he continues. That’s when a second female voice is heard.
“Would you, please…” — she asks while gesturing him to back off.
Taking a defensive tone, the rude passenger responds:
“I’m a gay and he’s a gay. I want him to *expletive* me tonight?”, all while making a seemingly dubious claim …