In 2005 financial constraints could not allow 21 year old Ernest Kabichi to complete his two year Welding and Machinery course at Lilongwe Technical College.
Looking at the situation, Kabichi dropped out midway during the course to hunt for a job.
“While hunting for a job I had a chance to meet a friend who was a contractor and that time he was constructing a fence along with a white man called Licon Bally, a shareholder at Nico Insurance Company,” explains Kabichi.
He adds; “His friend had employed him as a supervisor among his workers and meanwhile, Bally asked me to become a house hold chores worker at his home an offer I could not refuse considering my then financial status.”
After working at Bally’s home for almost three months without pay as a household worker which included gardening Kabichi decided to resign.
“Upon submitting my resignation, he told me to meet him the following …