A missing labradoodle named Cooper, which sparked a major hunt after boarding the wrong flight in Canada, has been reunited with his owner.
The puppy was due to fly from Nova Scotia on Wednesday to stay with family in Newfoundland, but landed in Ontario.
On arrival, flight staff took Cooper outside to relieve himself, but he slipped off his lead and escaped.
His owner, who was due to travel to Jamaica for a wedding, said Friday she was “grateful” for his return.
The golden labradoodle was supposed to board a WestJet flight from Halifax on Wednesday bound for Deer Lake, but was placed on a plane destined for Hamilton, a city more than 2,000 km (1,200 miles) away.
“I got a call saying they had put my dog on the wrong flight to a totally different province,” Cooper’s owner, Terri Pittman, said.
On hearing the news, Ms Pittman took a flight to Hamilton, …