(KUTV) Landon Carter, 7, loves all things Utah Jazz. His favorite player is Gordon Hayward, and when his dad Jeff Carter, turns on a televised game, Landon is the first to pull up a stool and start watching.
Which is a challenge for the boy, because Landon is legally blind.
“He was born with a condition called aniridia,” Jeff Carter said. That means Landon was born without irises; Everything he sees is perpetually blurry.
“His whole world needs to be right in front of his face instead of really being able to live the whole world,” Jeff Carter said.
But thanks to the Utah Jazz, Landon is getting a change to see the team he loves so much with crystal clear vision. The Jazz are testing a new technology to help visually impaired fans see the games when they come to Vivint HomeSmart Arena.
“In utah there are about 50,000 plus people …