FAYETTEVILLE, Ala. -What adversity did you face as an elementary-aged child? For most of us, a spanking or getting put in “timeout” by our parents was as bad as it ever was. Even if it was worse than timeout, chances are you probably never had to face the adversity six-year-old Colton Brannen now faces on a daily basis.
2017 started off like every other new year for the Brannen family, but that did not last long.
On January 25, Ashley and Kristen Brannon found out their son had a brain tumor.
The lives of everyone in the family changed that day. “We could not believe it,” said Colton’s mother Kristen. “It took a while for it to really sink in.”
Four weeks later, the bad news of Colton’s brain tumor got even worse. At a doctors visit, the family found out exactly what kind of brain tumor Colton had. That day he was diagnosed …