April 21 (UPI) — An Australian family said a 16-year-old horse who never raised a foal of her own took it upon herself to adopt a calf orphaned at less than a week old.
Anthony and Gerda Glasson of Piccarilli Station, near Thargomindah in Queensland, said they were checking horses in their paddock Tuesday when they discovered their children’s polocrosse horse, Moonshine, had acquired a baby cow less than a week old.
The Glassons said they recently moved some cattle and the baby must have been separated from its mother, leaving it essentially orphaned.
“I’m thinking the calf must’ve got lost and I was looking around for the mother cow, but [the] calf got up and started walking over to Moonshine,” Gerda Glasson told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “Moonshine put her nose down as if to say, ‘this is mine’, and the calf started trying to drink. It was something I’ve never seen …