The ram Einhyrningur (English: Unicorn) found last Christmas wandering Icelandic mountains, became famous overnight following Iceland Monitor’s coverage of this unusual beast.
Einhyrningur has one great horn sprouting from the middle of his forehead, rather than two from the side the head as is common for Icelandic sheep. Hence the name.
He has been quite himself over the last few days, according to his owner, farmer Erla Þórey Ólafsdóttir, and hasn’t let the fame get to his head.
Even though Einhyrningur has acquired world fame he is not likely to survive longer than till next autumn. As reported by our sister publication,  Ólafsdóttir says that even though he’s good tempered and stands up to the other rams, though they are a bit rough on him, he isn’t built for breeding. He is too skinny and should have been sent to the slaughterhouse if he hadn’t accidentally been left in the mountains when the …