JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally tonight: Prom season is upon us, and for many teenage girls, it’s all about the dress.
For some young women, though, getting that dress can pose a real challenge, and one organization is stepping in to try to help.
From PBS station WGBH in Boston, Tina Martin introduces us to the man behind the Believe in Yourself Foundation.
TINA MARTIN: These dresses are from designers all over the globe, but they’re not for sale. They’re free for teenagers like 17-year-old Raquel Laskowski.
RAQUEL LASKOWSKI, 17-year-old: I was like, oh, my gosh, it’s so cute.
TINA MARTIN: Raquel and other girls at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club were chosen to receive these beautiful donated dresses from the Believe in Yourself Foundation.
RAQUEL LASKOWSKI: And I think that’s really nice that someone cares enough to donate these dresses.
TINA MARTIN: The organization was founded in January by Sam Sisakhti and is based in Brookline.