So he started Books n Bros, a book club for 8- to 12-year-olds who get together in the St. Louis area and read — about stuff they really want to read about.
It was Caldwell who helped spark Sidney’s book club idea when she took him to EyeSeeMe, a St. Louis-area bookstore that focuses on African-American culture.
“I took him there because he has always loved to read,” she said. “He was so excited. He went crazy.”
They recorded a Facebook Live of Sidney reading in the store — and it got more than 60,000 views.
They were onto something.
“We thought, (What) can we do to keep this momentum going?” Caldwell said.
It’s been seven months, and Sidney’s book club now counts more than 30 members.
For $20 a month, a student gets a book, worksheets, snacks and — perhaps most valuable — time with friends in a space that welcomes reading. They’ve read books …