Survivor Liang Sheng-yue was found conscious and with the remains of his partner, Liu Chen-chun, just before midday Wednesday and airlifted out of a ravine near the Narchet River in the Himalayas, according to rescuer Madhav Basnet.
On March 9, the couple headed toward Langtang in Rasuwa district, but did not turn back when confronted with a snowstorm. They were not using a guide or porter, Basnet said.
After losing their bearings they fell 100 meters off a cliff into a ravine, where they took shelter in a small cave.
Liang and Liu had arrived in Nepal in late February to go hiking in the Tamang mountain region, but their families lost contact with them in early March. A search was launched when the family formally requested help. The search went on for weeks, but was temporarily suspended due to bad weather. It resumed for six days toward the end of …