Rachel S.’s first rendezvous took place on a bright afternoon in September 2016. She pulled her rental car onto a desolate shoulder of highway in Area A, 10 miles inside the West Bank, an area off-limits to Israeli citizens. As an American expat, that technically didn’t include her, but she was careful anyway. She was shortly joined by another car, approaching from the opposite direction. Rachel swallowed hard, smiled and greeted Hadia (not her real name) and the other two dark-haired women who exited the car. They placed a large carrier in Rachel’s backseat, then in low voices discussed future logistics and handovers with the women before beginning her return trip.
Rachel’s contraband wriggled in the carrier: five inquisitive kittens.
Rachel S. is one of the ringleaders of a group of kitten smugglers of the West Bank, whose mission is to help cats cross the border to safety.
The round trip from Tel Aviv …