COLUMBIA, MD — The neglected pit bull puppy who could not even move when police found him in a plastic container in Columbia last month has been adopted, officials reported Thursday.
“Eddy” was rescued by Howard County authorities on March 25 after a citizen alerted police that an animal had been left in a grassy area along Braeburn Road in a container with holes drilled in the top.
The emaciated 10-week-old puppy could neither move nor stand, police said.
Animal Control Officer Christine Gayo took the dog to an emergency clinic, where veterinarians provided immediate medical care. Police said the puppy had open wounds and missing fur, was extremely malnourished and was covered in urine and feces.
The dog was monitored by a veterinarian and at the Howard County animal shelter.
Animal Handler Taylor Hawkins said she took the puppy, who officials named “Eddy,” home with her overnight to ensure he could get medication and …