A beaver that may have packed on a little too much weight over the winter was saved by an animal services officer yesterday, after it was found stuck between the bars of a wrought-iron fence at a residence in lower Stoney Creek.
Animal services officer Sarah Mombourquette showed up at the home on Grays road around noon yesterday to find an adult beaver that was “carrying excess fat from a long winter,” the city says, and wedged between the bars.
“Unfortunately for this beaver, his sharp incisors were not helpful in cutting through? the iron fence,” a city news release reads.
“He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, arse over teakettle through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn’t pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws.”
Mombourquette was able to shimmy the beaver out of the tight situation by using soap as a lubricant.
Beavers are known to build their homes in Hamilton …