For many, birthdays after the age of 25 are not exactly filled with delight. However, for me, turning 30 in 2014 was a day to be celebrated as it was a milestone I was never expected to reach. You see, when I was born, my parents were told that life expectancy for a person with cystic fibrosis (CF) was limited.
When I left hospital as a 16-week-old baby, the medical team had little expectation of me ever coming back to them alive. Fortunately, for me, my parents had other ideas. They followed a very strict regime of feeding, physiotherapy and medications and, much to the doctors’ surprise, I began to thrive.
That dogged persistence and determination has stayed with me my whole life, enabling me to never feel like the ‘sick girl’ of the family but to live as full a life as possible. CF is often thought of as …