IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) — 
Jonny Cole is a pretty typical eight-year-old. Like a lot of kids, he loves riding his bike.
Jonny was born missing most of his right arm, which made using a bike a struggle for many years.
While his father was finishing up his PhD in linguistics at the University of Iowa this past fall, he decided to stop by the UI’s College of Engineering with an inquiry.
“I went to the machine shop…asking if they’d be able to help me design and 3-D print some sort of device that we could attach to the bike,” Doug Cole said on Friday.
That’s where Mitchell Miller, Nate Witt, Kylie Hershberger, and Alicia Truka entered the picture. The mechanical engineering students were all individually assigned Jonny’s case as their collaborative senior project.
Using three-dimensional technology, the students created a brace that Jonny can slide his upper arm and shoulder into, allowing …