Part of London Bridge station was turned into a makeshift maternity ward when a woman gave birth to a baby boy just before rush hour.
Staff at the busy station scrambled to support a woman who was having contractions on a platform before moving her to a medical room.
The mother, whose name is not known, gave birth to her son shortly after 4.30pm on Thursday.
An image on social media showed Network Rail staff surrounding the new mother, who was pictured wrapped in blankets.
She went into labour on a Southeastern train before being helped onto the platform when it arrived at London Bridge.
Realising the baby was on the way, an announcement was made for doctors and nurses to attend. 
Dean Parsons, 43, an information assistant at Southeastern Railway, said: “I work in the control room but was doing work on the platform when a lady came running to my colleague and said there’s a lady on …