When a Washington-based Metallica tribute band called Blistered Earth played in Portland on Saturday (April 23), their tour van was robbed and their equipment — guitars, amps, drums, pedals and all — was stolen. The band shared the unfortunate news on their Facebook a couple of days later, which immediately resulted in an outpour of support and even coverage by local Oregon news stations. 
In fact, the story caught so much attention, it was seen by Metallica themselves. And now, thanks to the legendary rockers, the show can go on for Blistered Earth — Metallica is replacing everything.
“Sometimes when bad things happen it really brings out the best in people,” Blistered Earth wrote in a Facebook post. “Thanx to the the attention you guys helped bring to the matter of our stolen gear & KATU and KOIN in Portland airing the story, James & the rest of the guys in Metallica ( thanx guys) have seen fit …