Supporters of LGBTQ equality wore tutus across Wyoming Friday to protest Sen. Mike Enzi’s comment that men who wear tutus into bars are asking to be assaulted.
“Honestly, this is what we do in Wyoming. Straight men all over the state are going to be joining their LGBTQ siblings and wearing tutu’s, buying their queer friends drinks and having a great time,” Equality Wyoming’s Sara Burlingame wrote. “It is a great time to be in the Equality State where we talk out differences and show up for each other — with or without tutus.”
For Wyomingites, Enzi’s anecdote wasn’t random. It instantly called to mind Wyoming resident Sissy Goodwin, a retired professor and well-known crossdresser whose story has been featured by media outlets like NBC and The Washington Post. Though Goodwin technically wears petticoats, the unfamiliar could easily confuse the two voluminous skirts.
Goodwin donned a bright green and yellow petticoat when he joined …