Paris, France – Faouzi Lellouche stands in a small room flanked by a row of computers to one side and a shelf stacked with schoolbooks to the other.
“This is where they kept the rubbish bins,” he says with proud enthusiasm while giving a tour of the premises.
Within earshot his wife Farida ushers schoolchildren into their tuition classes.
Through their efforts and with the support of local residents, the ground floor of this otherwise unremarkable residential tower block has been converted into a training centre and after-school club for young people living in Sevran, one of the most deprived suburbs of Paris.
The centre provides tuition to primary schoolchildren, classes in English, Italian and French as a foreign language, as well as more tailored vocational courses to children who have fallen out of the traditional education system.
Just five years ago, Lellouche was a resident of a neighbouring building and managed a clothes shop.
Fed …