Shortly before leaving office, former President Obama surprised an emotional Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It was the culmination of the cutest political bromance the public ever had the opportunity to watch from afar. In fact, Obama himself joked that the ceremony gave “the Internet one last chance to talk about our ‘bromance.'”
Beyond a seemingly close relationship between two heterosexual men, though, what exactly is a bromance? In a new study published in Sex Roles today, researchers at the University of Winchester in the UK aimed to better understand the characteristics and implications of these male-on-male relationships.
Researchers recruited 30 undergraduate male students enrolled in a sport-degree program to participate in their study. The subjects, who identified as exclusively or mostly heterosexual, were asked a series of questions intended to help define “bromance,” develop a better understanding of their same-sex relationships, and share what kind of behaviors characterize …