The subway platform at Dundas station was packed with commuters like any typical Wednesday when John Paul Attard noticed a man walk by and then lower himself onto the tracks.
Attard, a Toronto Transit Commission collector, says his intuition kicked into gear immediately. Within seconds, he had the TTC cut power to the station.
Attard called transit control and then did something thousands of people have since seen in an online video that has made the rounds on social media.
Amid all the bustle, he quietly sat down at the edge of the platform and looked into the man’s eyes.
“I said to him, ‘Are you having a bad day?'” Attard said. “He says, ‘Yes, I want to hurt myself.’ That’s when I just kind of embraced him and hugged him.”
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“Let me hold you,” Attard said. They began to talk and the conversation spanned from the future to hip hop music and what the …