GARY, Ind. — Eighteen-year-old Raven Osborne is about to get her college degree.
“I graduate from college on May 5,” she told CBS News’ Jericka Duncan.
But when does she graduate from high school? May 22.
Yes, it’s true; Raven gets her college degree two weeks before her high school diploma.
“When people hear that … they’re going, ‘What? How did she do that?'” Duncan said.
“Yeah they think I’m lying,” Raven said.
She did it through online classes, year-round community college and two years at Purdue University Northwest. Her semester-long college courses counted as a full year of high school credit.
“Sophomore, that was the most work. I had five high school classes, four college classes,” she said.
Raven attends the 21st Century Charter High School in Gary, Indiana. The school is surrounded by dilapidated buildings, a common sight throughout the city.
Everyone here is required to take college classes on a college campus in order to graduate.
Some …