Students raised money to buy special glasses for a color blind Montgomery County teacher.
On Monday afternoon, for the first time in his life, Matt Alzamora could distinguish between the colors of the rainbow.
Yellow from orange. Green from blue.
The Methacton High School history teacher has his students, including Andrew Bregman and Maci Chambers, to thank.
“Earlier in the year, he would talk about how he is color-blind,” said Bregman.
“One day in 7th period, he was talking about an experience he had with his daughter, where one day she was talking about how pretty the sunset was, and he said he just really wanted to be able to see a sunset,” said Chambers.
The students researched online and found a company that manufactures special eyeglasses for color-blind people. Students started donating what they could.
Bregman said, “I had someone bring in over $100, someone over $50 – people brought in $20s, $10s, $5s so a …