We see so many “year in review” articles and social media posts towards the end of every year, but there’s something off about them…
For example:
Do you notice it, too? They’re just depressing. We think there’s more to the world than that, and we were inspired by Col. Chris Hadfield’s example of celebrating the amazing things that happened recently.
1. Say Goodbye to 40% of ocean plastics
Five trillion pieces of plastic are in the ocean right now, gravitating toward one of five major garbage patches. The Ocean Cleanup Project hopes to remove 40% of that plastic over ten years by emulating a coastline. It has operated autonomously since launching, and runs on power generated from ocean currents. Thirty years from now, ocean plastics may become a footnote in history.
Source: The Ocean Cleanup
2. The giant panda is no longer an endangered species
The International Union for Conservation announced that giant pandas are no …