Maybe it was the fact that the baby was the same age as one of her own sons. Maybe it was the familiar look of exhaustion on the mother’s face. Whatever it was, Miry Whitehill felt an immediate connection to this family she’d never met, even though she couldn’t speak to them in their native language, Arabic.
It was September 2016, and a friend had mentioned to Whitehill that a family of Syrian refugees — mother, father, 5-year-old twin girls and a 5-month-old boy — needed some help. Whitehill, a full-time mom to two sons, figured the baby could use that most useful of mom tools: a jumperoo. She posted a note on Facebook asking if anyone had one they didn’t need.
Within a few hours, a friend offered one. Whitehill, who lives in Eagle Rock, picked it up and drove it to the apartment building where the family lived. …