You can barely notice the Labrador retriever’s limp as she runs outside a veterinary clinic. But Maggie has a prosthetic leg, which was fitted after a crash last November that nearly killed her.
The dog’s doctor and surgeon, Jennifer Bibevski, said Tuesday she’s surprised how quickly Maggie recovered and got used to the new leg.
“Maggie took to it amazingly,” said Bibevski, of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. “She just wants to get out and run. It’s much better than we anticipated and she’s the perfect candidate.”
The adjustment period was quick, Bibevski said, partly because Labradors have the right attitude, including a willingness to work and a desire to run and play.
While prosthetics for animals are becoming more common, they’re still rare, mostly because of the price. The custom-designed prosthetic, along with multiple surgeries, cost about $20,000 and took about five weeks to make.
Luckily for Maggie and her owner, John Brophy, she’s a popular …