Calvin Hennick (right) attends a Red Sox game with his son, Nile, and his father-in-law, Guy Mont-Louis, at Boston's Fenway Park. Hennick reported a white fan who he said made a racist remark about a Kenyan woman who sang the national anthem.

At the same baseball game that saw Boston Red Sox fans make amends with a player targeted by racial slurs at Fenway Park, one fan reportedly used a slur to comment on a singer — and that fan has now been banned from the stadium.
“Yes, it was a racial comment,” Red Sox club President Sam Kennedy said, according to the team. “It was a racial comment used to describe the national anthem that was taking place, the performance of the national anthem. It was sickening to hear.”
The fan was ejected and told not to come back to Fenway after he used a slur in speaking to another fan about the Kenyan woman who had just sang the anthem before Tuesday’s game.
Both of the men who were speaking are white. But the man to whom the remark was addressed is Calvin Hennick, the father of a 6-year-old, mixed-race son who was …